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Ski Report 2020

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Welcome to the eighth edition of the Club Med Ski Report, produced during a year like no other. We’re looking at the shifts and developments in the ski and snowboard holiday sector at a time when resorts face up to the challenges of the pandemic. Find out what the industry is doing, what customers are thinking and why the future still looks bright for winter sports holidays.

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photograph of Estelle Giraudeau: Managing Director UK & Northern Europe at Club Med

We have to recognise and reflect on a year that has been like no other. The global pandemic has shaken the travel industry on an unparalleled scale and is still significantly impacting the way in which people travel, what people are booking for the upcoming season and how eco and sustainability credentials play an important part in the overall booking process.

Estelle Giraudeau
Managing Director UK & Northern Europe at Club Med

Top Ski Facts 2020

Wheels replacing wings

Almost half of Brits are seriously considering driving to their resort instead of flying.

Small is beautiful

Many are planning to choose shorter winter breaks at the moment.

Careful timing

Probably due to uncertainty, a large percentage are planning to book less than a month in advance.

Office in the sky

After months at home, more than half of Brits would consider working from a ski resort.

Big spenders

Reassuringly for the industry there are plenty who are willing to spend more money compared to previous years.

Keeping it green

The environment hasn’t been forgotten and lots of Brits will consider a resort’s sustainability before booking.

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